Skate Or Die is a map in Battle Bears Gold. It is a skating park below two highways and there is plenty of graffiti and other things from all of the Battle Bears series. Oliver, Wil, Tillman, Riggs, ABBi, and Huggables have been drawn on the walls. It is one of the two maps that have two Bearscream Sandwiches, along with the Shortest Parsec. It is also one of the only two maps without Jump Pads, the other being Sky View. Due to its large size Snipers can be very effective, although cover is very abundant and useful for breaking locks. The two team's spawn points are very large on this map, extending almost the width of the map.

Skate or Die is a map that appears to be based on a skating park (also because of the name), and has a very wide and open area, much like No Bear's Land. There are excessive pickups that can be found. Skate or Die also has many bridges, tunnels and hills, most notably a large hill near the center of the map containing a health pack on top. Graffiti are also found throughout the map, containing Battle Bears series characters (Oliver, Wil, Tillman, Riggs, ABBi, and Huggable). This is one of the 3 maps that does not have jumping pads, the other two being Toxic Terror and Sky View.


The Pickups in Skate Or Die can be located at the following positions:

Bearscream Sandwich: One on a large raised half-pipe at the corner of the map, on the Red team's left side, another behind a ramp on the left side of the Blue team's side leading up to the large raised platform.
Imperial Basket Grande: One on the large raised platform, closer to the Red team's side and another next to a curved ramp on the Blue team's side.
Health Pack: One on the large spire directly in the middle of the map, facing the Red team's side and another on the wide raised platform next to the Bearscream Sandwich.
Shield: One in the middle of the large "pool" on the Red team's side, another behind a huge column on the Blue team's side.
  • Battle Bears TV show in the map
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