Oliver with the Skinless skin equipped.

The Skinless skin is a skin for the Soldier class, being one of the eight originally released. It costs 15 Gas and does not have a level lock.

Indecent exposure is a Class 2 felony...

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Skinless skin obviously appears as Oliver as he would look without his skin. Being a cyborg, this skin appears cynbernetic and futuristic itself. It is depicted with a metallic, silver layer of skin with intricate red or blue circuitry wires coursing all around its body. Its eyes are replaced by the optic sensors present in a cyborg and its backpack also features the circuit wires present on its main body.


  • Originally, the Skinless skin cost 75,000 Joules, then 100,000 Joules, before being changed again to that currently seen.
  • Originally, the Skinless skin had a level 16 lock.
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