Slow Motion Field
Slow Motion Field




10 seconds


20 seconds


20 Gas


Opponents slowed by 100 u/s

The Slow Motion Field is a Special in Battle Bears Gold that makes any enemy near you become 100 u/s slower. When used, a yellow circle forms around the player and any enemies inside of it move slower than usual. This affects only the enemies' Movement Speed and is useful for preventing other players from escaping or dodging their weapons.

If somebody is slowed down by it, a yellow "Z" is displayed above their head, even if cloaked, in a comical representation of that character dozing off while moving, thus providing a counter to cloaked enemies.

It costs 20 Gas and has a level 4 lock.

Slows down all nearby enemies for a limited time.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description.


  • It can also be abbreviated to 'Slo-Mo Field'.
  • There is a Game Center Achievement named "Pawsed" which is a pun on "paused" because the field slows down enemies. It is obtainable by using the Slow Motion Field.
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