So Fly
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Primary - Ability

Level Required



60 Gas






2 seconds


5 seconds

Flying Speed

650 u/s


Weapon Statistics

So Fly is one of the Huggable's primary weapons in Battle Bears Gold. When used, the Huggable will fly forward a short distance, damaging all enemies in its path.

Fly forward with a burst of speed while damaging all in your way. Also very useful for getting around the maps! Aim up fly up!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Unlike other Huggable primaries, So Fly is better utilised for naviagation. When activated, the Huggable will fly forward a short distance in a stream of rainbows, damaging any enemy player in its path. It can be used in any direction, flying up and over obsticles or travelling with quick bursts of speed. For its duration, the player can change the direction of their movement, potentially avoiding enemy fire or hitting an opposing player who is not quite in their path. Up until v2.0, So Fly only allowed the player to move in one straight direction, though it was changed to allow for better use.

Any player hit by a Huggable using So Fly will be damaged according to the proximity of the hit and the duration of which they sustained damage, the minimun amount being 60 and peaking at 80. So Fly is best used to get around the map, and using it offensively can be risky, though it is not to be underestimated and its damage can still be a threat if preceded or backed up by the Huggable's powerful melee weapons.


  • So Fly originally cost 25,000 Joules.
  • As of v2.0, players can change direction in mid-air by turning their view while using So Fly. Before this update, players could only fly straight forward. 
  • No Equipment affects So Fly. 

Video demonstration

Battle Bears Huggable Gameplay So Fly

Battle Bears Huggable Gameplay So Fly

So Fly

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