Solid Fisher

Astoria with the Solid Fisher skin equipped.

The Solid Fisher skin is one of the Sniper's skins in Battle Bears Gold.

It can be purchased for 120 Gas and has no level lock.

Why would a stealth suit emit light of any kind? It really baffles me when you are playing a game with future kill guy and he is glowing all over!!!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Its appearance is somewhat different from the other available skins, as it covers almost all of the Sniper's head. It features the Sniper in an all-black suit with team-colored stripes on the arms, legs and headband with three glowing headlights.


  • This skin is based on Sam Fisher's Mk V Tac Suit from the video game franchise Splinter Cell.
  • Originally, this skin cost 400,000 Joules. This was later increased to 750 Gas, before being lowered to 400 Gas, then 275 Gas, and finally settling on it's current price.
  • It has been featured in a Bundle Deal, The Splinter Sale, allowing players to purchase it using Joules.
  • Solid Fisher skin seen from front
  • Solid Fisher skin seen from left
  • Solid Fisher skin seen from back
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