SpaceBoss as he appears in the Boss Trials

The Spaceboss is a large robot-spacecraft that attacked the Ursa Major with the intent on destroying it, but was destroyed by Oliver after he was transformed into his Over Clocked Oliver (O.C.O.) form after the Spaceboss accidentally collapsed part of the Ursa Major's power generator on him in Battle Bears -1. It is most likely a weapon of the H.I.P. as a H.I.P. symbol can be seen on its head and the footage it takes of Oliver in his O.C.O state is seen on an H.I.P. computer in Battle Bears Zero.

The Spaceboss has numerous attacks.

Missiles: Powered by the energy of Huggable rainbows, these are usually fired in volleys of four and have a short stun affect if Oliver is hit.

Meteor: Formed by space debris, this projectile will split into smaller pieces when destroyed, depending on the difficulty. Warm Panda's Milk: two. Claws on Alarm: three. Barbearic: five. The complete meteor has a longer stun affect than its split pieces.

Shockwave: Pushes Oliver away when coming close to the Spaceboss. This deals no damage to Oliver nor the Ursa Major.

When beaten, the Spaceboss can be played by only Oliver in the Boss Trials.


  • The official name of Spaceboss, as seen in a Battle Bears Zero cutscene, is HIP-VL-SB42.
  • The rockets cause small explosions upon impact with the Ursa Major, so they are possibly used only to penetrate the hull in order to get the Huggables into the ship.
  • A hologram of Spaceboss can be seen in the map Space Oddity in Battle Bears Gold.
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