The Speed Field is a default secondary weapon for the Arbiter Class. It comes with a very minor 1% Speed Increase.

Gotta go fast! Any player who enters the field gets their speed doubled!

~Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Speed Field is a utility weapon and doesn't deal any direct damage. Upon activation, the Arbiter will produce a hazy, light yellow orb, which appears from a command gauntlet on his arm. This procedure will work in mid-air, but has greater effect if placed on the ground. The field created is a dome similar in size to the Pain Field or Cloak Field but with a somewhat translucent light yellow haze to it. Any player, even an opponent, that steps into the field will have their speed increased by 500 u/s as long as they are in the field.

To activate it, Sanchez hits a button on his arm.


  • The Speed Field is currently the only default weapon that has a stat modifier, along with Battering Ram The title used to belong to the Hivey League, but the stat modifier that it held was removed in v2.6.
  • The almost-negligible 1% Speed boost given by this weapon is the smallest passive stat boost in Battle Bears Gold.
    • It is also the smallest stat modifier in-game.
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