Speed and Distance are part of physics in Battle Bears Gold. Speed, also referred to as velocity, is used as a measure of how fast an object - be it a character, object or projectile - moves per time unit. Distance is a measure of length. In Battle Bears Royale, distance does not have an official unit-name, but is most commonly referred to simply units. Speed is hereby measured in units per second, also written as μ/s.

This page serves as a research article, as it contains information about the physics in Battle Bears Gold with slight mathematical inaccuracies and differences. The information on this page is only to be used to roughly measure lengths and dimensions of stages and objects etc.

Also, this page may include hard physics concepts who some might find difficult to understand. Until the research itself is over, this will remain a fact. Questions can be directed to the research leader, Gnifle on his message wall.

What is the point of this research?

I decided to make this section just for clarification.

Through my time, when playing Battle Bears Royale, i keep encountering stuff that is length dependent. This goes for a bunch of weapons (soaker, turret etc.), the snipers lock distance as well as general movement speed, and how fast you can get from point A to point B. But nobody has ever really tried to focus on this topic and how much length dependency and speed affects our games. 

Hence, I decided to take the challenge and do this research. I have a few things i wish to accomplish by doing this:

  • Creating a base unit to measure lengths
  • Define the various map sizes
  • Map down weapon lengths and point out generalities regarding this
  • Any other distance stuff I can think of

Character Speed Values

Each characters speed has been listed in this table for reference. These values are all considered velocities in μ/s.


Base speed

Assault 200 μ/s
Soldier 215 μ/s
Heavy 185 μ/s
Huggable (Class) 330 μ/s
Demo 265μ/s
Sniper 320 μ/s
Chub Scout 240 μ/s
Engineer 250 μ/s
Assassin 315 μ/s
Combat Tech 220 μ/s
Arbiter 275 μ/s


Speed+ is a piece of Equipment in Battle Bears Gold. The names covers two pieces of equipment, as with all other types of equipment: The Speed+1 and Speed+2. When equipped, the players character gets a speed boost, which is permanent unless swapped with another equipment. The amount of extra speed varies from character to character. Stacking Speed+ equipment is possible (only +2 and +1!), granting the user even more speed depending on the upgrade.


  • Speed+1 costs 25,000 Joules, and has a level 6 lock.

    The Speed Boots

  • Speed+2 costs 20 Gas, and has a level 12 lock.

Character effects


Base speed

Speed+1 Speed+2
Oliver 215 +10% (236.5) +20% (258.5)
Riggs 200 +5% (210) +10% (220)
Huggable 315 +10% (362.25) +20% (378)
Tillman 225 +10% (247.5) +15% (258.75)
Astoria 275 +15% (316.25) +20% (330)
Wil 220 +10% (242) +25% (275)
Graham 200 +12.5% (225) +25% (250)
B-1000 200 +6% (212) +14% (228)
Botch 315 +10% (346.5) +20% (378)
Saberi 220 +10% (242) +20% (264)
Sanchez 275 +10% (302.5) +20% (330)

The base speed is equivalent to the characters forward speed. Most characters backwards speed and sideways speed vary slightly from their forward speed.