The Spreadshot in its Hyper form

For information about the Spreadshot used by Oliver in Battle Bears Gold, see Spreadshot (BBG).

The Spreadshot is a weapon commonly found in Oliver and Riggs' Campaign in Battle Bears -1. It is a grey-coloured shotgun-like weapon with a shape resembling a flamethrower. When shot, five red projectiles are ejected and are spread out as they proceed, making it less likely to kill a foe from a distance. In its basic form it is not very powerful unless fired at a close distance.

In its Hyper form, the number of projectiles and the rate of fire will be greatly increased, which now become green.

Damage: 5 (both forms)

In Battle Bears: GO

In Battle Bears: GO, it has a wide spread making it a good weapon to use when you have lots of Huggables surrounding you. It does a decent damage with a medium fire rate.


  • If you pickup the Satelite pickup and use the Spreadshot, even if Hyper, the satelite will fire basic shots.
  • The Spreadshot in its Hyper form seems to be called the Dreadshot as shown in the picture.
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