The Sprocket Launcher is currently an unavailable but previously existing weapon in the game Battle Bears Overclock.

Sprocket concept

Concept art


Shoots gears that goes on the floor, stops for a moment, and shoots off to hit opponents. Can also be used to damage opponents immediately by firing slightly above the target so that the sprocket directly hits the opponent. It is very similar in looks and like a combined function of the Buzzsaw and Chainsaw Shotgun weapons from Battle Bears Gold.

Leveling Up

As with all other weapons in Battle Bears Overclock, the Sprocket Launcher can be upgraded to improve its overall effectiveness. Each upgrade is more expensive than the previous one and is marked with a gold star, and a player can upgrade the weapon up to five times.

Level Cost Damage Ammo RoF Reload
Default N/A 300 5 0.3 3.5 Seconds
1 1600 350 5 0.3 3.5 Seconds
2 2300 400 5 0.3 3.5 Seconds
3 TBA 450 5 0.3 3.5 Seconds
4 TBA 500 5 0.3 3.5 Seconds
5 TBA 550 5 0.3 3.5 Seconds


  • On the Future Gadget Lab map, Sprockets teleport up the jump pads and immediately explode when coming in contact with a player on top.
  • This is the only weapon which will only increase in damage when the player upgrades it.