Sucker Punch
Riggs with the Sucker Punch




Secondary - Saboteur

Level Required



75,000 Joules


2.6 seconds




3 seconds

Stat Modifier

10% Speed Increase

Shots Per Second



Weapon Statistics and Status Effects

The Sucker Punch is a secondary weapon for the Heavy in Battle Bears Gold. It launches a relatively fast moving projectile in an arc that stuns the target for 2.6 seconds on impact. When stunned by the Sucker Punch, a blue Nuggs will appear over the player's head and the player will not be able to move, use Specials and reload or use weapons. However, they can look around.

Lobs a projectile that will stun the target for a few seconds.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Sucker Punch is the Heavy's only non-damaging weapon, and instead inflicts a status effect to leave enemies vulnerable to primary or melee attack. When fired, the Sucker Punch lobs a small, pink Huggable-like head which completely immobilises any enemy it hits. This effect lasts 2.6 seconds, and as a result any enemy affected is left extremely vulnerable. The Sucker Punch has a relatively short range, which means that the attacker of a stunned player is usually nearby and is capable of attack. If they do choose to attack, a player has a very minimal chance of survival. Because of these advantages, actually hitting an enemy with the Sucker Punch is made difficult. It has six ammo, fires a small projectile, has no AoE and can be very much affected by lag. When it does make contact with an enemy, though, it is suggested that users move in quickly and finish the enemy with their melee weapon. When it is fired, the user must undergo a relatively quick 3 second reload.

Due to the projectile's susceptibility to lag, it is advised that the player aims slightly ahead of moving targets. Stationary targets will not be affected by lag.

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +2 + 1 bullet


  • It is possible to Sucker Punch a Huggable under the effects of Mini Me given that the projectile makes contact.
  • It is possible to Sucker Punch more than one target with one Sucker Punch projectile, although this is likely due to lag.
  • The Sucker Punch is one of only two weapons in BBG capable of penetrating the Iron Curtain Special, the other being the Buzzsaw.
  • Before it was changed, a green question mark appeared on the opponent instead of a blue Nuggs, similar to that of the Daydreamer and the Sake Bomb.
  • The Sucker Punch is one of two weapons that shoots solid projectiles which remain intact after colliding with an object or player. Physics can sometimes cause these projectiles to physically push players, which can be detrimental, especially when a player is successfully stunned. The only other weapon with this physics is the Rockette Launcher.
  • The projectile may come in contact with a player but not have the stun effect due to lag and a slight bug.
  • Sucker Punch originally had 1 ammo but then was changed to 6 ammo,which was then changed to the current 3 ammo.
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