Super Size Me!




Secondary - Ability

Level Required




Explosive Damage


Area of Effect

Max Dmg 40.0, Min Dmg 400.0


300,000 Joules


10 seconds


9 seconds

Stat Modifier



No information

Heal Rate

1 health every 0.08 seconds

Slow Amount


Super Size Me! is one of the Huggable's secondary abilities in Battle Bears Gold. It allows for periodic increase in size and melee hitbox.

Super Size your huggable! Damage foes with the stomps of your feet while they scream in terror of your size!

~Official Battle Bears Gold description


This secondary weapon is the opposite of the Huggable's Mini Me, but with other additional abilities. When activated, the Huggable will grow in size and have more Melee hitbox while the player starts to create colored shockwaves similar to those of the Happy Hour and Metal Crush, damaging any opposing player within its AoE. As a result of growing in size, the Huggable becomes an easy target, and the fact that the player is slowed down makes it even more dangerous to use. To compensate this, the user also gets a 1 health increase ten times a second, which gives a 100 health increase overall after the effect ends. The player can also activate it to simply receive the health increase, although it is highly recommended the player does this in a place that isn't accessed by other users commonly.


  • The name may be based on the movie, Super Size Me, which is actually about a man eating at McDonald's for thirty straight days, three meals a day, and deals with obesity.
  • This and Mini Me are the only huggable secondaries that change size.
  • Some of the glitches that used to be possible with Mini Me are now possible with Super Size Me

It and Tough Love are the only Huggable secondaries that affect melees.

  • It is the only Huggable secondary and heals while being used.