Survival BB-1

Survival mode has the player fighting against ever increasing waves of Huggables while moving through an endless number of rooms on the Ursa Major in Battle Bears -1. The player has no lives and plays until he runs out of health. Here the elusive WTF Huggable can very rarely be found, and is the only way the player can gain lives with a lack of Yellow Huggables. Red Huggables only appear occasionally to drop Screen Clears. Progressing involves clearing each room of Huggables. After every tenth room, the average number of Huggables increases. Turrets soon start appearing in the later rooms. The rooms in Survival are those from Oliver's Campaign Stage 1 and several from Stage 3, but none are from Stage 2's Dojo.

In Survival you can pick up Gold, Silver and Bronze gifts dropped by dead Huggables. The more you collect, the more points you receive at the end of the game.


  • In Survival mode the player has the highest chance of encountering the WTF Huggable.
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