Swanny is one of the members of the Delta Bears, along with Tillman and Skiles. He and Skiles are seen in Battle Bears Zero, leaving Tillman behind to duel Wil.

  • Skiles says that Wil must be "the other one's ugly wingman," probably meaning that the Delta Bears have already faced another Battle Bear.
  • It is unknown what, if any, his weapon specialty is. However, a weapon of some sort is seen on his back.
  • Not much is known about him because he appeared for only 10 seconds in Battle Bears Zero. However, it is known that he and the other Delta Bears are found staying inside a H.I.P. base and have the intention of killing Wil, suggesting an alliance between the Delta Bears and the H.I.P.
  • Swanny was named after Benjamin Vu's high school counselor.