The Sword AND the Stone Model

The Sword and Stone

The Sword and Stone is a melee weapon for the Heavy class. It deals 40 damage, which can be doubled if both hits connect. It has a 10% Health decrease, but provides a 20% speed increase in compensation. It costs 300,000 Joules and does not have a level lock.


Riggs knew he wasn't the chosen one but dislike the idea of losing, so he took the stone with the sword.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Sword AND the Stone

The Sword and the Stone concept

  • The Sword and the Stone had been fully modeled and textured, first previewed back in 2012, but took over two years to be released, being deemed scrapped content until prior the v2.11 update.
  • Unlike the Heavy's other melee weapons, the Sword and Stone does not resemble any form of gloves.
  • The Sword and Stone is a reference to the legend of King Arthur. 
  • This and Blood Spurt are the highest damaging melees for the Heavy class.