Taunts are a new feature in Battle Bears Gold, released in Update 2.3, allowing players to celebrate by making the character dance while the camera views the taunt from a third-person view. A taunt can be activated by tapping the Woohoo button on the team-speak menu, but a simple WooHoo exclamation is still possible if it is done in mid-air. A player cannot interrupt a taunt once it is activated by moving or any other voluntary action. In addition to the fact that the player can still take damage and their reload process restarts when they taunt, this makes the player very vulnerable to attack while taunting.

Each Taunt costs 10 Gas.

The Team-speak feature was rumored to be removed because of Taunt implementation, but this was later proved as false in an announcement on the Battle Bears Facebook page in response to the fan-base.

Individual taunts

Each class in the game is able to perform a certain movement pattern to celebrate a victory etc. Each movement pattern varies, depending on the player's actual character.

Class Taunt

Gang Style: The Soldier rides an imaginary horse like a cowboy, similar to Korean artist Psy's moves in the music video Gangnam Style, seen here.

Cheer: The Soldier jumps and pumps his fists in the air.

Worm: The Soldier lays on the ground and starts wildly wiggling his body.


Club Dance: The Heavy jumps up, raises his hands and then pumps his chest repeatedly with his fists while pumping his body forward..

Head Shake: The Heavy crosses his arms, turns his head sideways and shakes his head.

Sumo: The Heavy bends his knees and rocks back and forth like a sumo wrestler before a match.


Sloppy Swish: The Huggable wiggles its body while taking steps on the spot with the right leg only. It is based of the Saturday night live skit, The Legend of Mokiko and The Sloppy Swish.

Rump Shake: The Huggable jumps and turns 180 degrees, bends down, looks backwards and wiggles its bottom.

Moonwalk: The Huggable smoothly shuffles backwards in a circle before jumping up and spinning around in the air before landing again.


Robot: The Demo makes jerky, robotic movement on the spot for a few seconds.

Flex: The Demo raises his arms and flexes them before curving them downwards and flexing them again.

Running Man: The Demo marches on the spot while swinging his arms from side to side.


Kick-the-Moon: The Sniper runs in half a circle forward, before flicking to the left in a sideway somersault landing on her right leg, sending her back to starting position.

Cut-Throat: The Sniper points forward, turns sideways and makes a threatening cutting motion with her thumb across her neck.

Tea-Bagging: The Sniper slightly bends her legs repeatedly holding her arms and fists pointing at the ground.


Truffle Shuffle: The Chub Scout wiggles his entire lower body from side to side, before slamming himself on the belly with his left paw.

Laughing: The Chub Scout starts laughing hysterically, slamming his belly with his left paw before pointing forwards.

Planking: The Chub Scout drops to the ground with his body completely straight and does a full 360-degree turn on his belly.


Bernie: The Engineer walks on the spot while keeping his entire head peeled in the sky, his arms swinging in a lazy motion, before arching forward complaining about his hurt back.

Na-Na-Na: The Engineer looks forwards, brings his hands to his moustache and flicks them like a child.

Disco: The Engineer places his left hand on his hip and swings his right arm diagonally twice.


Growth Spurt: The Assault Class stands still and then inexplicably expands in size for a second before shrinking back to normal size.

Falling Apart: The Assault Class lunges forward and strikes a heroic pose before his right arm, the one that carries his Primary weapon, suddenly snaps off and drops to the ground. He quickly retrieves the arm and reattaches it to its socket, despite not having any fingers to hold the arms.

Big Robo: The Assault Class's shoulders hunch backwards along with his head and he starts waddling forward in an awkward fashion, as if he were glitching.


Almighty: The Assassin curls up in the foetal position while levitating gradually higher, spinning at the same time, before abruptly raising his arms and looking towards the sky.

Head Spin: The Assassin raises his arms to his shoulder, then his head suddenly spins for two whole rounds before he stops his head from revolving by clutching the head with his hands.

Air Guitar: The Assassin holds an imaginary guitar before strumming it wildly with his hands five times.

Saberi Class

River Dance: The Combat Tech starts step dancing, jumps, and then makes a full 360 rotation while in the air.

Knee Thing: The Combat Tech bends down slightly, puts her paws on her knees and crosses her arms and knees repeatedly.

Come At Me, Bro: The Combat Tech turns around, sharply turns back around, stomps her right foot, and suddenly strikes out her paw. Her paw will move up and down appears to tell the enemy to "Come at me, bro."

Arbiter Class

Creepin: The Arbiter starts staggering like a zombie, similar to the zombies in Michael Jackson's Thriller.

The Fifth Ruby: The Arbiter starts moving his body and arms in an awkward fashion.

Fox Say Whaaaa!?: The Arbiter makes a small hop, bends his knees, puts his arms behind his back, and nods his head. He is portraying the popular song "What Does the Fox Say".

Pre-release videos

The following video was released by SkyVu on December 7th. 2012. It shows the taunt movements of the Huggable, Sniper, Chub Scout and Engineer class:

BBR - New Character Taunts - Coming Soon

BBR - New Character Taunts - Coming Soon


  • So far, the taunts seems to have a duration of 2-3 seconds each.
  • Taunts were originally set to be released with Version 1.4.1. This didn't happen due to time issues, nor did it happen in Version 1.4.2 due to prioritization of the new stage, the Shortest Parsec.
  • Taunts are most likely to be inspired by the taunts made by the characters in Team Fortress 2, a highly popular first-person shooter.


Battle Bears Harlem Shake Y'ALLLLLLL

Battle Bears Harlem Shake Y'ALLLLLLL