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Team Death Match(Team Battle) is a game mode in Battle Bears Gold. The objective is to have more kills than the enemy 

team before the time runs out.  Matches have a 4 minute time limit, down from the previous 6 minutes before Update 2.0, and no score limit.  The minimum amount of players in a match is 2 (1 per team) while the maximum amount is 8 (4 per team). If a game ends in a tie, the team with the most damage dealt wins. In Team Battle, skill is calculated based on individual performance. At the end of a match, players are first ranked 1st through 8th based on the following factors. These are in order of significance when determining final rank.

1. Number of Kills 

2. Damage Dealt

Once players are ranked based on the results above, the amount of skill points you gain or lose is based upon a difference in skill and a “surprise” value, in which a lower ranked-player will receive more skill points if he has performed well as compared to a higher-ranked player. The final results and the difference in skill points between players will determine the “surprise” value and the final skill points gained or lost. When a player gets a kill, the player gets +150 Joules and +38 experience points. When a player dies, 3 +50 Joule coins come out of the body, which can be collected by any member in the game.

Early beta version

In the early beta versions of Team Battle, both teams had 30 points at the beginning of the game. When a player from a team died, one point would be deducted from the team. The team that reached 0 points first lost.

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