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Below is a sample Infobox for the Arbiter followed by template documentation.


The Arbiter is a Class in Battle Bears Gold, featuring Sanchez as a playable character. The Arbiter was added in version 2.6.

Back from the brink of death, Sanchez has been rebuilt from the arm up! Use his unique weaponry to slow down opponents and finish them off with his devastating melee attacks.

Template Documentation

This template contains various independently retrievable data items about weapons from the Battle Bears series, primarily from the MMO editions Battle Bears Overclock and Battle Bears Gold. For Battle Bears Gold, all data is based on values retrieved from:

Or in Gnifle's trusty pastebin, in a more readable format:

A reliable source of data for Battle Bears Overclock is still being researched.

Technical Explanation

More information about how this is used in practice on Template:Infobox Weapon.

This template takes advantage of using Wikia Templates as an improvised data storage, that can be "retrieved" if this templated is "included" into another template, where the data is to be used - an infobox for example.

Weapon data is stored in a descendant template of Template:Weapon_Data - meaning it'll have to have a page name like Template:Weapon_Data_<Weapon Name>_(<Game Abbr>) to work. The structure of one of these pages could be like this, which is retrieved from Template:Weapon_Data_Viperifle_(BBG):

{{{{{1<noinclude>|Weapon Data</noinclude>}}}|Viperifle|{{{2|}}}|{{{3|}}}|{{{4|}}}|{{{5|}}}
| class = Sniper
| type = Primary
| description = Keep targets centered in the screen to lock onto them. When your crosshairs turn green you are 100% accurate. If you can hold the lock a bit longer until they turn white you will get a head shot.
| level = 1
| clipsize = 4
| ammo1 = 1
| ammo2 = 2
| cooldown = 1
| damage = 45
| damage1 = 5
| damage2 = 10
| reload = 4
| dispersion = 0
| lockradius = 400
| locktime = 10
| warningtime = 5
| joules = 0
| gas = 0
| id = 101

As shown, the data is stored as key = value pairs. In the first line, you should only want to edit the part where it says Viperifle - this is the name that will be used as title attribute and will be displayed on a page.

The important thing to note is that EVERY parameter (e.g. '| level = 1') is 100% optional aside from class and type. In other words, it is possible to add any, and as many, parameters that are relevant for a particular weapon. For example, the weapon Urine Trouble doesn't have a locktime attribute in the data source while the Viperifle does. So in the Urine Trouble Data Template you would simply exclude it entirely - just remove the line.

Advanced, but easy to use

This entire concept does involve some technical topics - but the baseline is that you only need to worry about the individual weapons' Data Template page Template:Weapon_Data_{Weapon name}. The rest is taken care of automatically by a separate template displaying it, like an infobox as shows below. So by simply including:

{{Infobox Weapon|Viperifle (BBG)}}

You'll get:

Viperifle is a Primary weapon for the Sniper in Battle Bears Gold, added in version 1.0 during Battle Bears Royale.

Keep targets centered in the screen to lock onto them. When your crosshairs turn green you are 100% accurate. If you can hold the lock a bit longer until they turn white you will get a head shot.

Actual text will automatically wrap around the infobox like this in a real case - more info below this area.

In the Template:Infobox Weapon, the relevant data is automatically filtered and displayed for each weapon.


Parameter Value Description
1 Arbiter Necessary: Used for identification.
disp_name Name of the item
Only necessary if the value differs from Arbiter.
champion Only necessary for exclusive items!
Traits of the item
maps Availability of the item Valid values: A combination of the letters SCTH.
S = Summoners Rift, C = Crystal Scar , T = Twisted Treeline, 'H' = Howling Abyss

Defaults to Common.
caption Official caption Only if available!
tier Unofficial classification of the item Valid values: Basic, Advanced, Legendary, Mythical, Trinket, Consumable
consume Effect of the consumable item Only if the item is consumable.
consume2 Effect 2 of the consumable item Only if the item is consumable.
health 135 Life Values can be empty if the item does not grant the effect.
mr Magic resistance
as Attack speed (%)
armor Armor
ad Attack damage
ms Movement speed (%)
msflat Movement speed (flat)
mana Mana
mp5 Mana regeneration (%)
mp5flat Mana regeneration (flat)
hp5 Health regeneration (%)
crit Critcal strike chance (%)
ap Ability power
cdr Cooldown reduction (%)
lifesteal Life steal (%)
gp10 Gold per 10 seconds
rpen Armor penetration (%)
mpen Magic penetration (%)
spec Other effects (e.g. Mana per level)
pass Passive
pass2 Passive2
pass3 Passive3
act Active
aura Aura
noe No effects. If the item has no effects, set the value to x.
recipe Components of the item Use , to separate the values!
buy Buy price
gas 100 Gas price
comb Combination cost
sell Sell price
code Itemcode
limit Limitations of the item
req Requirements of the item.
hp Hitpoints e.g. Hitpoints of Wards
menu1a Menu 1 e.g. Attack
menu1b Submenu 1 e.g. Attack Speed
menu2a Menu 2 e.g. Magic
menu2b Submenu 2 e.g. Ability Power
menu3a Menu 3 e.g. Movement
menu3b Submenu 3 e.g. Other Movement Items
menu4a Menu 4
menu4b Submenu 4
menu5a Menu
menu5b Submenu
menu6a Menu
menu6b Submenu 6
menu7a Menu 7
menu7b Submenu 7

All item data templates use the same parameter.


Until here the documentation is automatically generated by Template:Item data.

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