The Gold Pack

The previous Gold Pack purchase screen, 5,000 Gas being the original price for the seven first gold skins.

The Gold Pack is a special skin deal which was introduced in v1.4.2. For an incredible price of 1,710 Gas, every class (including those created in the future) will have their respective gold skin unlocked. When buying or equipping these skins, the selection bar also turns to a shiny gold color, and if the skins are not yet purchased, rather than the price being shown, "MORE INFO" displays the screen shown to the right.

Buying this gold skin unlocks gold skins for all current characters and future characters to come! Skyvu knows how to take care of you, baby.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold pre-purchase description for all gold skins

Price Log

Version Cost
Version 1.4.2 5,000 Gas
Version 2.0 1,700 Gas
Version 2.1 1,900 Gas
Version 2.4 1,710 Gas


The following images are taken from Battle Bears Royale on a high end device. Lower end devices feature lower quality skins. The official descriptions can be read under each image.


  • The Gold Skins seems to refer to an ancient myth of Midas, where everything he touched turned into solid gold.
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