Tillman is a playable character in Battle Bears Overclock. He costs 250 Gems or 31000 Gold to purchase, and has access to Rocket Launchers and Miniguns along with his unique Dark Matter and Daisy Cutter as primary weapons.

"Gung ho master of heavy artillery, He'll charge into battle without a second glance(unlike Wil,he knows exactly what he's getting into). Loves to follow orders and yell "sir yes sir!" Tillman has no subtlety or grace. He's foul-mouthed and avoids anything "fancy". He's always begging the captain to charge in guns-a-blazing. For Tillman,every time that he almost gets blown up on every mission is a badge of honor."

~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description


Health Speed Regen
320 505 5


Tillman's skins and Armor are listed below:

  • Tillman Army
  • Tillman Gold
  • Tillman Panda
  • Tillman Power Suit
  • Tillman Headsman
  • Space Trooper



Like all of the characters in Battle Bears Overclock, Tillman has three unique abilities that he can use multiple times to aid him in battle. These abilities include:

  • Overdrive (Default)
    • Overdrive increases movement speed for 3.5 seconds by 25%
  • Hand Gatling Guns (Default)
    • Hand Gatling Gun fire energy bullets from Tillman's hand that deal 15 damage per shot for 3 seconds
  • Nuke (Default)
    • When used,this ability marks a area upon which a nuke will drop down and deal 225 damage