Huggable with the Topsy Scurvy skin equipped.

The Topsy Scurvy is a skin for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 15 Gas and has no level lock.

Acquire a taste for the high seas and a severe aversion to vitamin C!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Topsy Scurvy features the Huggable in a stereotypical pirate costume. The Huggable is covered in its usual pink fur and is wearing a jagged, tattered brown and white stripped shirt. A brown and white spotted bandana covers one half of the Huggable's head, in typical pirate fashion. Two golden rings hand of the top of the bandana. It has the same beaded eye as the default Pink Huggable skin, while the other is covered by a black eye-patch. It has an abnormally large mouth with big, square teeth, one of which is adorned by a gold filling. It has a dark green radio strapped to the back of its head with white tape.


  • The "severe aversion to vitamin C" refers to scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C. It was most commonly contracted by sailors and pirates in the past, thus explaining the skin's nature.
  • Originally, the Topsy Scurvy skin cost 400,000 Joules and was the most expensive item bought through that currency. 
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