Tough Love
Tough love
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Secondary - Ability

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4 seconds


7 seconds

Stat Modifier



Weapon Statistics

Tough Love is the Huggable's default secondary in Battle Bears Gold.

Conjure within yourself ancient primal magicks and funnel it into a temporary 50% bonus to all melee damage!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Upon activation, the Huggable will waves its hands for approximately 3 seconds; any interruption will make the ability void (e.g. using a melee weapon). After this charge-up period, the Huggable is trailed by a stream of hearts and all melee damage inflicted to enemies in its duration will be boosted in damage by 50%. If a player uses it again before the duration is over, the duration of this ability will reset. Tough Love increases the usefulness of the Huggable's biggest strength, and can thus be extremely dangerous if used correctly. It is advised that players activate Tough Love before they enter battle, because the player can be very vulnerable in its charge time.  

Tough Love serves well as a default secondary, as it allows for new, less experienced players to boost their power and become more confident with their abilities, while it can also be used by veteran players to really pack a punch. 


  • "Tough love" is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run. Its name in this form is used as a play on the Huggable's insatiable urge to hug their enemies to death.
  • It and Super Size Me! are the only Huggable secondaries that affect melees