BATTLE BEARS GOLD Update 2.3 New Map Preview

Toxic Terror is a map released in update 2.3 of Battle Bears Gold

It seems to be a double-floored cavernous sewer system with radioactive waste flowing through. Because of this, it might be a little bit harder to find people in it. Like Skate or Die, there are many drawings on the walls. For some unknown reason, a large climbable tree with a heart-shaped marking and the words O+A inside springs up in the middle of the map.


The Pickups in Toxic Terror can be located at the following positions:

Bearscream Sandwich: One to the left side of the tree from the Blue base's point of view.
Imperial Basket Grande: One to the right side of the tree from the Blue base's point of view.
Health Pack: Behind a brown lump on the upper stories, at the right side of each team's spawn points.
Shield: Two, each behind a small barrier next to the tree facing the two team's spawn points.

Plant the Bomb

In Plant the Bomb, the bombs of each team are, very unusually, placed inside each team's own spawnpoints, one on each of the upper storeys. The respective bomb tubes, meanwhile, are next to the large tree to the left side from the perspective of the bomb carriers leaving their base. Due to this orientation, a good combination of both defense and offense throughout the match and especially at the beginning is required to achieve victory.


  • Because the map is filled with radioactive waste, it might be a hint to Botch's origins. There are also Tally marks on the walls and a drawing of Botch.
  • The words O+A in a heart on the tree could mean the relationship between Oliver and Astoria, for in Battle Bears Fortress, Oliver states that he has a crush on Astoria.

    The O+A marking on the tree

  • This is the only map where there is a possibility of a player spawning directly onto a power-up, in this case being the Health Packs in each team's base. Since a player would be spawning with full health, this would essentially waste the power-up's effect.
  • In the Blue team's base, on the ground floor, there are the weapons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just beside the tally marks.