Turkish SW Boots
Turkish SW Boots



Level Lock



40 Gas




5.0 seconds


Allows player to jump

The Turkish SW Boots is a Special that enables the player to perform a jump larger than that of the Pro-Mode Jump and can additionally be activated while airborne, allowing a chained double jump if used together. The direction of propulsion is vertical, but can be influenced by the current direction of acceleration for a jump of extended distance. It can be used frequently throughout the match due to its fast recharge. This makes it an effective defensive combat item for its dodge ability as well as for improved navigation. Many natural map elements are sized to accommodate jumping on them using the Turkish SW Boots, not to mention certain areas inaccessible to other players. This is also a great tool when it comes to using Metal Crush.

You want to jump? These allow it!

~ Offical Battle Bears Gold description


  • Sw boots

    Original Turkish SW Boots image

    The Turkish SW Boots is the Special used in the Tutorial.
  • Before the v2.0 update, the Turkish SW Boots could not be activated if the player was airborne, being changed to facilitate the use of the Pro-Mode Jump. It also had static vertical propulsion that was not influenced by any current acceleration.
  • Using the Turkish SW Boots before the Pro-Mode Jump will not result in a double jump due to the Pro-Mode Jump's lack of airborne propulsion.
  • Prior to v2.6, the Turkish SW Boots had a 2.5 second recharge.
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