Graham with the Turret





Level Required






Dispersion Angle


Rate of Fire

0.2 seconds


1 Turret w/ infinite bullets

Turret health



4.0 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Turret is the default secondary weapon for the Engineer, being released in v1.4. The turret is placed on the ground and takes approximately 2-3 seconds to set up. It is destructible, with most melee and Area of Effect weapons being able to destroy it with just a few hits. It also has a limited range and cannot turn, allowing only a small cone of fire and making its rear very vulnerable to enemy attack. 

Place this device on the ground while facing the enemy and it will do all the killing for you. Use it wisely, you only get one at a time. If you wish to reposition, you can use the self-destruct to destroy your existing turret.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description                                          


A deployed Turret


The Turret is a stationary weapon that, once placed somewhere on the battlefield, will automatically shoot at enemies within a certain range. Despite the fact that the Engineer only has a single turret unit to place, it has unlimited ammunition.

  • The Turret has a range of 1800 units and an angle of 100°. An enemy standing within these ranges will be automatically targeted by the turret, although it can only target one player at a time.
  • The Turret itself has a health value of 180. When depleted of health, it will be destroyed and after two seconds of smoking, it will vanish.
  • The Turret cannot detect players in Cloaking, Peek A Boo or Flawless Disguise, although it can quite inaccurately hit a Huggable under the effect of Mini Me.
  • The Turret cannot be locked onto by a Sniper or the Demo, but it will still take damage from any weapon, although it is immune from effects caused by weapons that cause Status Effects (i.e. Mother of Nature's poison effect or Gamma Ray's radiation effect).
  • It deals 3.5 damage per shot. When the player grabs a Bearscream Sandwich or uses Propbearganda, this damage is increased accordingly for the duration of the effect.
    Turret 2

    Turret's weapon icon

  • The Turret is not 100% accurate and hence may occasionally miss the opponent from long ranges even if there is nothing obstructing the path of fire.
  • Player's can destroy their own Turret for repositioning by tapping the reload button.


The following Equipment affects the Turret:

Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 0.3 damage
Damage +2 + 0.6 damage
Ammo +2 + 1 turret


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