Turrets are an event in Battle Bears Overclock.


At random times during a match, a unit of three Turrets will pop out of the ground and fire missiles, similar to that of the Rocket Launcher's, at a player, depending who is the nearest. The Turrets can lock on one person, but can also lock on three players at the same time, if there are three players nearby. The Turrets can home on to anyone at any angle, but if players hide behind an object, they will cease fire. The Turrets will ignore anyone cloaked by Ninja Vanish.

If the player destroys one of Turrets on either side of the middle Turret, it will drop one Kill Token. The middle Turret will drop three Kill Tokens.


  • Strangely, the Turrets can destroy each other, if one is in the line fo fire of another Turret.
  • Turrets don't have a long range, and will only shoot if a player comes close to one.
  • If a Huggable is in the line of fire of a missile, it will kill the Huggable.