Tutorial 2

Tutorial game mode image

Tutorial BBG

The start of the Tutorial featuring the new HUD

In Battle Bears Gold, there is the option to play the Tutorial game mode. Unlike others, it does not require any Gas from the Gas meter to enter. When playing the Tutorial, the inventory is restricted to the following items and classes. 

Class: Soldier

Skin: Oliver (Skin)

Primary: A Salt Rifle (differs)

Secondary: Bearzooka (BBG)

Melee: B.E.A.R. Club

Special: Turkish SW Boots (differs)

Equipment +1: N/A

Equipment +2: N/A

Pro Mode: Jump

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The start of the Tutorial featuring the old HUD

The Tutorial itself is set in a unique arena designed in a linear fashion that does not resemble the open based gameplay of other maps. As the player progresses, they are greeted by informative signs explaining various aspects of basic gameplay. At certain intervals, the player will encounter laser walls, which will halt progression until fulfilling certain interactive tasks. At no point through the Tutorial can the player die, as the character's damage intake is set to 0%. Upon completing the Tutorial by approaching the virtual ship, the game will move to the game mode selection menu, and no rewards of any kind are gained.

The Tutorial is the only single player mode, and is the only feature of the game which can be accessed offline, although any settings chosen while online will revert back to the default selection.



Original Tutorial game mode image. Portrays a baby huggable playing with a newly opened spaceship toy.

  • The A Salt Rifle differs form the regular version with the following known stats:
    • Rate of fire: 0.135 seconds (approximate)
    • Ammo: 70
    • Reload: 1.5 seconds
  • Originally, the Turkish SW Boots' recharge was 7 seconds, while only in an old version of the Tutorial, and is currently 2.5 seconds.
  • The Bearscream Sandwich in the centre of the map does not respawn after the usual 90 seconds.
  • The transition from Battle Bears Royale marked several minor changes to the Tutorial. There used to be a short HUD briefing immediately upon entering, but this was removed after custom controls were added. Over time, certain signs also changed position.
  • It used to be possible to detour the air barriers enclosing the player to the main path. By doing so and straying away from the arena, they would fall endlessly with no way of returning. The Tutorial had to be quit and could not be completed at that stage. While this was eventually patched, the addition of the Pro-Mode Jump that allowed double jumping could enable the player to jump atop a sign and then a laser wall. After fulfilling the task of shooting the moving targets, the disappearing laser wall then launched the player high above the map. This too, was also patched. However, it is still possible to barely vault over the end line of jump pads by double jumping just before stepping on them, where the player can then walk off the end of the path.
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