This page contains full update logs, providing the official update descriptions for every version of each Battle Bears game.

Pertains to the iOS AppStore only.

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Battle Bears Gold

Version Added Features Date
1.0 Battle Bears Gold May 24, 2013
1.0.1 In App purchases fixed June 4, 2013
1.0.2 Misc. bug fixes June 15, 2013
  • New character class - Assassin: Botch
  • Kill confirm Joule drops
  • New Skins
  • Balance Adjustment
July 15, 2013
2.1.1 Fixed crash on launch July 22, 2013
2.1.2 Bug fixes August 1, 2013
  • Addition of Everyplay, allowing for players to record matches with friends.
August 21, 2013
  • Addition of Taunts
    • "Dance the dance of victory over your fallen opponents!
      • Taunts have replaced the WooHoo! button on the team speak menu. Pressing Taunts will start a player's "humiliation attempt". Player's are still vulnerable to damage while taunting.
  • New Map: Toxic Terror
  • New weapons
  • Bug Fixes
    • Various bug and exploits were addressed.
September 27, 2013
2.4 October 24, 2013
  • New Mode: Free-For-All
    • "Every bear for themselves! Player with the most kills wins the match."
November 27, 2013
2.6 December 20, 2013
2.6.1 January 4, 2014
2.7 January 23, 2014
  • New Map: Steam Yard Blues
  • New Gamemode: King of the Windmill
    • A single Windmill spawns on the map
    • Remain in the radius of the Windmill when it launches with one or more team mates to score a point
    • The team with the most points in the end on the game wins
    • If tied, the team with the most damage dealt wins
  • Balance Changes
March 4th 2014
2.9 May 8, 2014
  • performance optimizations
  • fix to NativeX for iOS
May 15, 2014
2.11 August 27, 2014
2.12 October 2, 2014

Demo's rockets now have homing capabilities

October 31, 2014
2.14 November 29, 2014
2.15 December 20, 2014
2.16 January 30, 2015

New Skins:

Optimization on gaming performance!

March 8, 2015

New Skins:

April 3 2015
2.19 April 26, 2015
2.20 May 29, 2015
2.21 July 3 2015
  • Fixed bugs
July 9, 2015
  • Everyplay Functionality added for both iOS and Android.
  • Security Update;there is now a id for a player's account to help counter hacking.
  • Bug Fixes
October 2, 2015
  • -Saberi Chun B Skin
  • Updated Game Security
  • Fixed Gas Rewards
  • Bug Fixes
December 15, 2015
  • Bug Fixes
Feburary 11,2016
2.25 March 21, 2016
  • Bug Fixes
June 1,2016
2.26 January 17, 2017
2.27 May 29, 2017
  • Winter Map is back
  • Menu button promoting the BBR2 Facebook Beta Testing Group is added
December 20, 2017
  • Laid foundations for chat and new weapons in the next update
  • New Push Notification settings to keep players updated on upcoming BBG updates
  • King Of The Windmill is retired
January 26, 2018
  • Chat is introduced; only players level 5 and up can chat
  • Seperate Quickplay and private matchmaking buttons are introduced
February 12, 2018
  • Fixed version requirement
  • Fixed bundle deal hover over the chat
  • Minor big fixes
February 15,2018
  • Minor bug fixes
March 2, 2018
2.31 March 8, 2018
  • Chat updated
  • New Battle Royale mode implented.Winners in gas
April 5, 2018
  • Minor big fixes
  • Bridge to Terabearthia added to the Battle Royale mode.
  • New weapon for the Combat Tech - Social Butterfly (BBG)
April 28, 2018
  • bug fixes
  • bug fixes

Battle Bears Royale

Version Added Features Date
1.0 Battle Bears Royale October 8th. 2011
1.1 Added Game Center, new sniper class, new weapons November 23rd. 2011
1.1.4 Fixed crash bug. December 5th. 2011
1.1.5 Addresses crashing and time limit issues December 11th. 2011

> 5 new holiday skins.
> Description panel for all weapons and items.
> Scoreboard now shows killer details.
> Rebalanced specific classes, weapons and equipment.
> Scoreboard and report now show player's Level and Rank.
> Added daily Joule and Gas rewards.

> Bug Fixes!
> Tesla shield should be more effective now.
> Patched certain vulnerabilities exploited by cheaters.

December 19th. 2011
1.2.1 > Guest Accounts - You no longer need to make an account to play the game. You can still make an account to insure your data is saved and to move to new devices.

> Friendly Fire is GONE! - You still do self damage however.

> Skill system has been revamped! - Your skill rank should go up and down more reliably.

> Spawn Shield - Newly spawned players have a few seconds of invincibility.

> Assist and Kill Streak Bonuses - Get joules and XP rewards for damaging your enemies and killing multiple enemies in a row.

> Bug Fixes including working speed equipment, dead body killing and many more!

January 27th. 2012 > Fixed bugs including the one caused by the Soaker and Headlights

> Fixed Team assignment bug where players would show up on one team while actually being on the other.

February 3rd. 2012

> NEW Class: Wil the "Chub Scout"
> NEW Game Mode: "Plant the Bomb"
> NEW Weapons for the Sniper!
> NEW Controls!
> NEW iPad 3 Support and resolution

And MANY other balance tweaks, optimizations and improvements including:
- Improved Spreadshot and Hivey League behavior.
- Improved matchmaking system
- Tweaked Skill Rating calculations
- Improved Buzz Kill
- Tweaked equipment buffs
- Ability to add nerfs and buffs to weapons and equipment!

...literally many more things that we have long since forgotten!

May 3rd. 2012 Changed one line of code to fix server error May 11th. 2012
1.3.1 > Awesome New Map - Facing Temples
> Tons of New Weapons like the Urine Trouble & Phat Man.
> Tons of New Skins like the Pocket Pygmy & the Great Pandini.
June 28th. 2012
1.3.2 >> iPhone 5 compatible!
>> New Level: Abusement Park
>> New weapons for Soldier and Heavy classes
>> New HUD Layout with Ability to Revert
>> Skill Rating Improved!
>> Store Bundle Deals in Promos in Main Menu
>> Many Bug & Crash Fixes
August 24th. 2012
1.3.3 >NEW Haunted Castle map with interactive features!
>NEW a whole bunch of Halloween holiday skins!
>NEW migration to GREE social platform
>iPhone 5 compatible!
>NEW awesome diamond rank badge makeover!
>Bug fixes & improvements!
***Use your OpenFeint username/password to sign into GREE
October 10th. 2012


Fixed Abusement Park Skybox
Fixed lower body Animations In Menus
October 20st. 2012
  • New Class: Engineer (Graham) complete with 6 original weapons
  • New Skins: Holiday & Graham Skins
  • Tesla Shield fix, misc, bug fixes and more.
  • Holiday skins re-released for all classes (except Wil and Graham, who have original skins)
December. 2012
1.4.1 ?
1.4.2 ? ?

-NEW MAP: The Marecraft! Fight or die inside a giant living unicorn! The goriest battlefield ever! -NEW WEAPONS

-The Dead Eye: Astoria's strong single shot sniper rifle.

-Fairy's Dust: Astoria's magical concoction that confuses enemies and conceals movement.

-Static Shuffle: Huggable's mid-range attack! Charge up and watch electricity fly! Damage and size depend on charge length.

-Señor Potato Cannon: Wil shoots flaming spuds that explode on contact and leave piping hot french fries behind.Caution, fries do damage over time.

-Sole's Bane: Wil leaves a trail of pain with colorful mines that sure to give any opponent a sore foot.

-Gernobyl: Engineer's radioactive launcher.This mid-sized rodent shoots irradiated goop: a hit will cause radiation damage and slight physical damage, if you miss an opponent it creates a radioactive puddle- any player who steps in it will receive radiation damage.

-Improved Cloaking

-Stability & performance improvements

-Bug fixes

Battle Bears -1

Version Update Description Date
1.0 Battle Bears -1 June 21st. 2010
1.1 Vastly improved controls for both styles. New Sensitivity Slider in the Options menu. July 8th. 2010
1.2 + New level for both campaigns
+ Two new weapons and cutscenes for both campaigns
+ New weapon switching button in top right corner
+ Easy and Normal modes are now easier
+ Universal build with higher quality graphics & sound on the iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
+ Improved performance on older devices
August 11th. 2010
September 14th. 2010

Level select screen

Movie player

Bug fixes

October 17th. 2010
1.3.2 New Ghost Huggables! Improved performance! Movie viewer and stage select is located after beating at least one stage and can be found after selecting difficulty. November 1st. 2010
1.3.3 Two New Enemies! Ambiguous "Bug Fixes" (including movie audio sync!) November 13th. 2010
1.5 NEW CAMPAIGN! The long awaited Wil Campaign is here! Comes with 3 New Stages and ZOMBIE Survival for one low in-app purchase.

RIGGS Campaign is now included FREE! Those who already purchased RIGGS will unlock the new Wil Campaign for FREE!

New stage and crazy weapon for RIGGS. Improved RIGGS gameplay.

December 18th. 2010
1.5.1 Fixed random freezing bug in OLIVER Campaign. December 23rd. 2010
1.5.2 Wil Campaign is now included for FREE! Updated OpenFeint. June 15th. 2011
1.5.3 -Fixed an issue with Wil's Crosshairs
June 23rd. 2011
1.5.4 Fixed Bugs
Fixed Textures
August 19th. 2011
1.5.5 Minor bug fixes October 25th. 2011
1.5.6 Minor bug fixes November 10th. 2011
1.5.7 Minor Bug Fixes
Requires iOS 4.0
July 20th. 2012

Battle Bears Zero

Version Update Description Date
1.0 Battle Bears Zero October 26th. 2012

Battle Bears: Zombies!

Version Update Desription Date
1.0 Battle Bears: Zombies August 20th. 2009
1.1 -If you get hugged to death in Stages 4 or 5, you can now resume from the beginning of stage 4.
-New tutorial movie
-Improved performance
-New Huggable kill meter
September 19th. 2009

NEW WEAPONS (including Machine Gun & Flamethrower)·NEW BOSS LEVELS (featuring the COLBEAR & ZOMBIE BEARS) · NEW CUT SCENCE MOVIES· NEW WEAPONS MENU · NEW ORIGINAL SONGS (including the rap song, "I'M A BATTLE BEAR") · OpenFeint Leaderboards & Chat ·Soundtrack available at

· Progress saved at the end of each stage
· New Credits Page
· New Boss Trial Mode

December 16th. 2009
1.5.1 1.5.1 update: Fixed OpenFeint Achievements. 1.5.0 update: NEW WEAPONS (including Machine Gun & Flamethrower) ·NEW BOSS LEVELS (featuring the COLBEAR & ZOMBIE BEARS) · NEW CUT SCENCE MOVIES· NEW WEAPONS MENU · NEW ORIGINAL SONGS by MADIX, Leck ONe., and The Business Men · OpenFeint Leaderboards & Chat. December 29th. 2009


1.5.2 updates: Play All Cut Scenes button revealed after you beat any Story Mode. New Pause button. Adjusted Zombie difficulty for Easy Mode. New OpenFeint 2.4 with Forums, Chat, Geolocation Leaderboards. New icon featuring OLIVER.

February 22nd. 2010
1.5.3 Fixed issue with crashing on OS 2.x devices February 25th. 2010
1.6 ZOMBIE SURVIVAL mode; PLAY MOVIES button plays every hilarious cut scene; new SHOP page featuring new BB remix and other BB products; Exclusive BATTLE BEARS -1 Game Trailer; easy access tutorial button; various bug fixes; optimized overall app size July 1st. 2010
1.6.1 Improved sound effects and music. New OpenFeint. Minor bug fixes. Improved overall performance. September 14th. 2010
1.6.2 New icon. New OpenFeint. New Playhaven. April 25th. 2011
1.6.3 COMIC link added to main menu. May 13th. 2011
1.6.4 Fixed minor bugs. October 31st. 2011
1.6.5 Minor bug fixes December 5th. 2011
1.6.6 Minor Bug Fixes
Now requires iOS 4.0
June 6th. 2012

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July 20th. 2012
1.7 AR Zombie Survival Mode

Upgraded code to 64-bit for iOS 11
Reduced app size

October 19th. 2017
1.7.1 AR Zombie Mode now with scary clown bosses.

New bear traps you can deploy strategically Faster AR performance.Ads for AR mode removed.

October 23, 2017

Battle Bears BLAST

Version Update Description Date
1.0 Battle Bears BLAST July 5th. 2011
1.1 New Pirate Map - the frozen pirate ship!
New Objectives!
New set of unlockable armor!
Smaller app size for 3G downlaods.
July 28th. 2011
1.1.1 Optimized new pirate map! Fixed several bugs. August 9th. 2011
1.1.2 Minor bug fixes October 27th. 2011

Battle Bears: GO

Version Update Description Date

Battle Bears: GO

August 21st. 2010
1.1 Improved controls. Adjusted difficulty. Minor bug fixes. October 13th. 2010

Battle Bears Fortress

Version Update Description Date

Battle Bears Fortress

May 20th. 2013
1.1 Improved controls. Adjusted difficulty. Minor bug fixes. July 05th. 2013

Battle Bears Overclock

Version Update Description Date
    • Initial release
February 10,2016
    • Quick play button fixed
    • New chat channels-Tap on Channel# to change
    • Visual improvements-Upgraded Riggs skin
    • Video ads avalible
February 16,2016
    • Weapon Balance Overhaul
    • Network Connection indicator
    • Hit Direction Indicator
    • In-game Clock
    • Colorized Health Bar
    • New Reload button
    • New Crosshairs for different types of weapons
    • Tillman Powersuit Theme
    • New Powersuit and Monthly Gem Bundle
    • Daily Login Calendar
    • Inbox system improvements and notifications
    • Tons of performance optimizations
    • Improved Character Hitboxes and Hit Detection
    • Chat blocking
    • Game Reconnection
    • Bug Fixes
March 17,2016
    • Bug Fixes
April 20,2016
    • Bug Fixes
April 29,2016
    • Forest Map Day and Night
    • New map music for forest
    • New menu music
    • Improved device performance with Sniper Rifles
    • Fixed weapon equip issues
    • Bug Fixes and Optimization
May 28,2016