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  • I live in The 42nd pixel on your screen
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is Admin-ing
  • I am An Admin

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Psyche's BBG Profile

Favourite BB Game:

Battle Bears Gold

BBG Experience Level:

50 or there abouts

BBG Skill Points:

500 (Green)

Favourite Character/Class:


Favourite BBG Stage:

The Shortest Parsec

Favourite BBG BGM:

Abusement Park

Favourite Weapons (Primary/Secondary/Melee):

Dark Matter / Phat Man (Nuke 'em!) / Seesaw

Battle Bears 'Nickname':


Longest Kill Streak:


iOS/Android Devices Owned:

iPad 1st Generation, iPhone 3GS

Hello. My name is Psyche and I try to be a regular editor on this wiki. As you can see above I've already made a few edits and am an administrator here to help you, but I'm gonna keep helping until this Wiki is the best it can be... and then help some more! My name is sometimes in the 'Recent Activity' list since I contribute quite often (so that I can attempt to get all of the achievement badges).

As for my Battle Bears experience, I'm not amazingly good, seeing as my best kill streak on BBG is as small as 41 kills and I can never manage to get my rank past the 5000 barrier. But I'm quite knowledgable on most things BB so feel free if you need to ask me about the storyline, the characters or any of the weapons.

My favourite Battle Bears character is Tillman and I often use him in Battle Bears Gold. I used to love playing a sensible Ammo+ 4 Light Matter before stacking was removed, but I also liked going completely kamikaze and nuking everything (including myself) with Phat Man before 'Kamikaze Demo' was removed/ fixed.

Portrait Strip

You can ignore the 'TheHedgehog' part of my username. It's just because I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog fan too.

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