Heya everybody!

Today I have the honor of presenting two new sysops who will be helping out me and Piguyerrific with administrating the wiki. Allow me to (re)introduce Hackey5 and Clinkzbone. ^^

These guys entered the wiki for a little while ago, but have quickly grown into regular editors, not to forget we've had tons of discussions on how to improve the wiki to the better. Both of them have proven to be nice to others, well formulated and detailed editors as well as being full of great ideas.

So from this day on, both will have sysop-status. I, Gnifle, have some very important school project in mid-december where i won't have time to be here at all. Also, the rest of the year will be quite busy with studying and stuff, hence i needed to make sure someone were around to make the calls.

Piguyerrific have been admin for a while now, so I'm sure that, in case of my absence, there will be someone around to keep an eye on everything.

I hope we can make this cooperation work! Thanks to both of you for being here, and thanks to all the other amazing editors and readers for giving us reason to do what we do.


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