For the weapon in Battle Bears Gold, see Viperifle (BBG).

The Viper Rifle is a weapon for Astoria in Battle Bears Overclock.


The Viper Rifle functions in a similar manner as a standard Sniper Rifle, being hitscan and having the ability to zoom in. It differs by having a higher critical hit chance and more ammo, but at the cost of half the damage on normal shots.


Cost Damage Ammo RoF Reload Accuracy Critical Chance Critical Damage


70 7 1.2 4.1 100% 20% 300%


  • The Viper Rifle was originally only able to be obtained as a reward for Battle Bears Gold players who linked their accounts on Launch Day. Currently, it is purchasable.
  • It is a direct carryover of the Viperifle (BBG) designed for Overclock.
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