Astoria with the Viperifle





Level Required






Dispersion Angle


Rate of Fire

1.0 seconds




3.5 seconds


Green: 3.0 seconds
White: 6.0 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Viperifle is a weapon in Battle Bears Gold, and is the default primary weapon for the Sniper, being released in BBR v1.1 with the class. Up until v1.3, it was the only primary for the Sniper, before the release of the Capital Pains rifle. The Viperifle is one of only four current weapons able to perform guaranteed one-hit kills, along with Capital PainsMamba's Boy and Dead Eye by the process of a headshot.

Keep targets centered in the screen to lock onto them. When your crosshairs turn green you are 100% accurate. If you can hold the lock a bit longer until they turn white you will get a head shot.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Viperifle is a sniper rifle, and can thus reach any range with great accuracy. When fired, it releases a single, green, stream-like bullet that erupts into a splash of what appears to be venom. Said venom is merely cosmetic and has no added functionality.

The Viperifle works by firing shots at enemies from virtually any distance. Being a sniper rifle, this weapon is capable of performing one-hit killing shots by performing a headshot.

Locking opponents

As mentioned, the scope of this rifle can lock onto opponents to secure accuracy. Locking onto opponents happens in three stages by hovering the scope over the desired opponent.

Lock stage: Effect:
Semi-locking In this stage, the rifle's scope will start locking onto the desired target. Shots fired during this stage are not guaranteed hits and are affected by dispersion angle.
Green-locking Upon reaching the green-locking stage, all shots fired at the opponent have 100% accuracy.(but will only do base damage) As the scope continues locking even further, opponents will be notified by a small red scope symbol until the lock is disrupted or the target is killed.
White-locking By holding the scope over an opponent for long enough, the scope will eventually reach white-locking stage. A shot fired at an opponent at this stage is guaranteed to kill the opponent, regardless of his/her remaining health.


No-scoping is a term used about Sniper primaries and their ability to lock onto targets. However, the rifle is also fireable outside of the lock scope. Shots fired at opponents without locking or in semi-locking state are considered no-scopes. When no-scoping, all shots will be fired in the direction of the crosshair, slightly varying due to the weapon's dispersion angle.


The Viperifle has the following lock times for each of the three stages of sniping:

Lockstage: Locktime:
Green 10.0 seconds
White 5.0 seconds
Full 15.0 seconds


The following Equipment affects the Viperifle:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 1 bullets
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets
Damage +1 + 5 damage
Damage +2 + 10 damage

Design and development

It has a dark and green theme, most of the rifle being black or dark grey and its features - including pipes and special liquid containers (magazines) are dark green. These liquids appears stored in containers, one on top of the scope itself, and two of them next to the trigger handle. The barrel end is shaped like a snake's mouth and is complemented with two green eyes.


  • Up until v1.3, it was the only primary for the Sniper, before the release of the Capital Pains rifle.
  • Its name is a pun on "Sniper rifle". 
  • Although the dispersion angle has a value of 0.0, the weapon does have spread when fired without a green or white lock.
  • Up until v2.7, the Viperifle was tied with the Capital Pains for the fastest lock for a sniper rifle.
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