Huggable with Whack-Tus equipped

The Whack-tus is a melee weapon for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It was one of the three original melee weapons released for the Huggable. It does the same damage as the Presidentures, but has a much shorter draw time. It deals 40 damage and has a +10% special speed stat modifier. It costs 50,000 Joules and has a level 9 lock.


Whack-tus? Darn near killctus.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • The name Whack-Tus is a pun on the word 'Cactus', as the Huggable has two cactuses that it uses to attack covering its wrists when it is armed with the Whack-Tus.
  • It used to be called 'The Prick', being a pun on how cactuses have sharp prickles, but its name has since been changed, likely because the term can also be interpreted as an innapropriate insult.
  • The icon for Whack-Tus shows yellow spikes, while the actual weapon is a consistant dark green all over.
  • It used to cost 2,500 Joules.
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