Zombee Gun
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Riggs with the Zombee Gun




Primary - Automatic

Level Required



100,000 Joules



Rate of Fire

0.1 seconds




5 seconds

Stat Modifier

+30% Speed; -20% Health


1250 units


Weapon Statistics

The Zombee Gun is a primary weapon for the Heavy class, being one of the original three primaries. Although it has low damage and limited range, it comes with a huge amount of ammo and a good rate of fire; its reload is rather moderate for the sheer amount of ammo. This weapon benefits from being able to fire continuously for longer than any other weapon, but the low damage should be taken into consideration.

Most of the damage this weapon deals is psychological.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like all automatic weapons, the Zombee Gun is capable of dealing constant, consistent damage as long as the weapon is aimed and fired at an enemy. The Zombee Gun fires a continuous stream of what appears to be ground-up zombie Huggables. The Zombee Gun deals a low 5.5 damage and is capable of dealing 55 damage per second without the use of equipment or Propbearganda.

The Zombee Gun's main weakness is its short range and lack of staple accuracy, which makes it somewhat undesirable for a lot of players. Because of this, players must attack at mid-close range, and even then its low damage puts them at risk. Despite this, the Zombee Gun is a relatively easy automatic to use and its high ammo leaves room for error.


The following Equipment affects the Zombee Gun:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 8 bullets
Ammo +2 + 15 bullets
Damage +1 + 0.25 damage
Damage +2 + 0.5 damage


  • Additional Stats:
    • Range value: 1250
  • The name "Zombee Gun" is a pun on "Zombie Gun", although it is not actually associated with bees.
  • Originally, the Zombee Gun cost 80,000 Joules and had 300 ammo.
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