Oliver with the Zombie skin equipped.

The Zombie skin is a skin for the Soldier class, being one of the eight originally released. It costs 15 Gas and does not have a level lock.

You are a cybernetic organism: Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton... Too bad that living tissue is infected by a zombie virus.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Zombie skin, as its name implies, is the zombie variation of Oliver. It features typical aspects of the stereotypical zombie, which decaying flesh, visisble muscle tissue, missing features (e.g. the eye, which only the socket remaining) and somewhat distorted features. As pointed out in the skin's in-game description, the rotting or decaying flesh visible is only a small portion over a metal endoskeleton. As a result, small parts of metal can be seen through the flesh.


  • Originally, the Zombie skin cost 150,000 Joules, then 90,000 Joules, before being changed again to that currently seen.
  • Originally, the Zombie skin had a level 20 lock, which was highest of all items until the addition of the Kumakiri.
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